The latest information on the POA and ISF program

The General Retirement System of the City of Detroit will implement the benefit adjustments required by the City’s Plan of Adjustment beginning with your March 1st retirement benefit.

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50 Percent Housing Discount
Employees, Retirees and their Immediate Families can now take Advantage of a 50% Employee Discount on Homes Purchased From the Detroit Land Bank's Housing Auction Program.



Detroit retirees to see pension cuts starting Monday

Following the city's exit out of bankruptcy, retirees who had worked for the water department, bus system and other general system departments, will now see at least a 4.5% cut to ...

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New 50 Percent Housing Discount for City Employees, Retirees, and their Families

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and representatives of the Detroit Land Bank Authority today announced a plan to give a 50% discount on houses bought through the Detroit Land Bank’s hous...

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