Staff & Administration

Staff & Administration


David Cetlinski
Executive Director

TaKneisha Johnson 
Recording Secretary

Ryan Bigelow
Chief Investment Officer

Ramzee Jackson
Chief Accounting Officer


Gail Oxendine
Assistant Executive Director

Lamonica Arrington-Cabean
General Manager            

Chanda Smith
Manager II









Brie Fort

Alec Witt

Jalanda Rhodes

Leonard Cheeks




Courtney Conyers
Retirement Systems Specialist

Krystal Fuwiley
Retirement Systems Specialist



Lucy Zhang
Compliance Officer

Benefits Computation & Counseling

Latisha Moon

Tenecia Stockton
PFRS Computations

Glorecia Harris
GRS Computations

Elizabeth Stewart

General Office

Jo Ann Harrison
GRS Assistant


Debra Ferguson




Nikkitta Rutledge

Merlene Tatum
Retirement Systems Specialist




Cassandra Childress
Payroll Supervisor

Jacquenette Shearrod
Disability Reports


Juanita Waller
Income Verification
Address Change

Debra Johnson
Death Notification

Charlena Jehoshapat
Direct Deposit/
Firend of the Court


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The Retirement System City of Detroit has partnered with BidNet Direct as part of the MITN Purchasing Group

The Retirement System City of Detroit has partnered with BidNet Direct as part of the MITN Purchasing Group and will post their bid opportunities to this site.  As a vendor, y...

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New look to checks and check stubs coming soon

RSCD is in the process of changing their payroll processor, therefore your check stub or check will have a different look.  If you are receiving two checks or stubs they will ...

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Important message from the Trustees of the City of Detroit General Retirement System Click Here

Important Retirement System News You Need To Know Learn More ›

GRS January 2019 Newsletter Click Here

Please be advised that due to severe weather, the US Postal Service cancelled postal service in many areas of the country for two days. Therefore, members may see a delay in the receipt of mailed checks/stubs. 

Note: 1099's for 2018 have been mailed. Members can view and print the 1099's from the Paylocity website.

Important Messages:

* RSCD’s new payroll system provides retiree’s with a self-service portal called Web Pay. Retiree's can update address information, view pay stubs, update direct deposit information. Click here to view directions on how to access the new features. 

* Your June 1, 2018 pension check and stub will have a different look due to the changing of check processing companies.   You may also see an increase or decrease in the amount of tax withholding on your check.  This may be due to the combing of multiple checks into one payment and/or a change in state tax tables.  Contact RSCD if you would like to adjust your tax withholding.

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