Investment Committee

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is responsible for the development of the General Retirement System of the City of Detroit’s investment strategies and goals. It is charged with the selection and removal of the chief investment officer and investment managers, under the terms of the Certified Plan of Adjustment for the City of Detroit and the “Grand Bargain” legislation, specifically Public Act 185 of 2014.

The GRS Investment Committee members are:

  • David Sowerby, Chairman 
  • Kerrie Vanden Bosch, Vice Chairman 
  • Ken Whipple
  • Doris Ewing 
  • Armella ‘June’ Nickleberry 
  • Thomas Sheehan 
  • Robert Rietz

GRS Investment Committee Minutes

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See what we are discussing by viewing the GRS investment committee meeting minutes below. View the Agenda for the upcoming IC Meeting #008 08/18/2015.

IC Board Minutes by Year

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