Benefit Estimate

About Benefit Estimates
Active members who are nearing retirement eligibility may request a Benefit Estimate. This estimate provides an approximation of benefits to be received once a member retires. The amounts provided on the Benefit Estimate are projected numbers based on:

(1)    The member’s service at the time the Benefit Estimate is requested, and
(2)    An assumption that the member’s service will continue, uninterrupted, until the time of retirement.

As such, the Benefit Estimate received upon request may not accurately reflect the true amount of a member’s pension at the time of their retirement.

In order to maintain the integrity of the Benefit Estimate projections, Estimates will not be provided more than five (5) years prior to a member’s current retirement eligibility date.

Requesting a Benefit Estimate
If a member is within five years of their retirement eligibility date, they may request a Benefit Estimate in writing by completing the following request form and submitting it to RSCD Member Services.
Benefit Estimate Request